Corsair ONE Desktop PC – The Whispering Beast

The brand new PC made by CORSAIR designers and assemblers is, finally, an uncompromising system created by one of the best PC component manufacturers. Presenting a small footprint, which seemed impossible to reach in the past, and really refined with futuristic details and ambient lighting. With no doubt, the Corsair One is the meeting point between elegance and power. The Corsair is known for its commitment to the many areas of PC components such as [...]

Find a Gaming Laptop Under 500

Introduction Finding the best gaming laptop under 500 pounds can be a difficult task for even the most seasoned gamer. Looking for the best gaming keyboard for this low price along with all the other relevant hardware can be a minefield of extortionate pricing and poor quality equipment. In this article I will give the right advice to help beginner and veteran PC players find the perfect gaming laptop under 500 pounds to suit their [...]

What is bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin Mining. What does it even mean? In short, bitcoin mining is the process of creating new bitcoins. This is done by verifying transactions which adds new blocks to something called “the blockchain“. The Blockchain The blockchain is made out of blocks, but, what are the blocks themselves “made of”? Each block in the block chain has a mathematical problem that needs a unique answer in order to be solved. Once the math problem is [...]

Shark IONFlex 2x DuoClean Cordless Ultra-light vacuum IF251

  The 2x DuoClean is one more interesting vacuum from the guys at Shark. It is power packed for optimum cleaning. With this little device, runtime can never run out. The previous and opening model of the IONFlex DuoClean series has a lot of similarities with the 2x DuoClean. The difference between these two is the attachments that come with them and the battery obviously. The runtime on the IONFlex is something to reckon with. [...]

HP EliteBook Model 840 G1 Review

The HP EliteBook 840 G1 is a business class laptop which will offer a nice looking design, long battery time. In this review we will go through good and some negative features of this notbook. The EliteBook 840 does not have a DVI port so you will need an adapter in case you need to use DVI. One if the best features is the battery life that offers 5 to 7 hours of usage depending of [...]


Vacuuming can be really tedious and time-consuming, especially when you have to spend your whole day slaving out. It’s doesn’t get any more fun or easier when you have a target to meet. Ever had to vacuum the whole house with your wife only a few blocks from work? It’s not fun at all with the wrong apparatus. Fortunately, robot vacuums have been designed to afford you some time to rest after a long day [...]

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Laptop Review

In this review we will try to cover what you need to know about the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 laptop which is a great laptop for a low price. So let’s jump to the specs of it right away! Specs Windows 10 Display: 15.6 inches touch display, full HD and webcam You can choose between AMD A9, Intel core i7 or Intel core i7-7500U on Amazon 1TB HDD storage 8 GB RAM Intel HD graphics [...]

Shark IONFlex DuoClean (IF201) Cordless Ultra-light Vacuum

We at ElectroTip have collected reviews from users all over the internet to avoid any error in the vacuum selection procedure Shark ION FLEX IF201 The idea of cordless vacuums has always been to replace their corded counterparts while performing at the same levels as corded vacuums, maybe better. Only a few selected brands and products have come close to achieving the feat. “Shark” is one of them, and they have done an excellent job [...]

How to repair a cordless vacuum cleaner

Cordless vacs are easy to use and good for fast cleanups. But what if it breaks? This guide will go over what you need to know when repairing a vacuum cleaner. First however, we’ll do a quick presentation over what a cordless vac really is and what can go wring with them. What is a cordless vacuum? A cordless vac is essentially just a device that runs on batteries instead of relying on a cord. [...]